• Food & Beverage Coordinator

    for ESDSWG, ESIP and EDM. Others as they arise


    Food & beverage service at meetings needs to be coordinated and contracted


    • Negotiating, coordinating, and contracting with venue for food & beverage services

  • In-Person Meeting Supporter


    Provide in-person meeting support


    • Assembling information and printing participant badges

    • Working with vendors & sponsors for badges & lanyards, in coordination with Fund Development Administrator

    • Managing the registration table at in-person meetings

    • Printing venue maps, agenda & room locations for registration desk

    • Printing & distributing drink tickets & special dietary meal tickets

  • Paid Travel Coordinator


    Provide transportation information and travel reimbursement support


    • Connecting with ESIP members who receive paid transportation to help arrange their travel plans

    • Connecting with paid guests (plenary speakers and committee travelers identified by committees, etc.) to help arrange travel plans

    • Providing information and assistance for travel reimbursement

    • Creating and maintaining travel reimbursement guidance

    • Following up with ESIP paid travelers on their reimbursement processes

    • Reviewing and approving ESIP paid traveler documentation

    • Connecting with budget implementers to identify potential travel funding

    • Negotiating & coordinating with local hotels for room blocks and (if needed) local transportation

    • Sending travel survey for travelers going to meetings other than ESIP meetings

  • Plenary Implementor


    Assists Plenary Designer with development of plan for plenary sessions at ESIP Meetings & implements plan.


    • Coordinating with plenary speakers to get their presentations

    • Assisting plenary speakers to upload content to figshare

    • Meeting plenary speakers at podium day of in case their presentation has to be changed

    • Testing videos or other media ahead of time with plenary speakers

    • Communicating with plenary presenters ahead of time for materials like bio, pictures, etc.

    • Working with speakers or panel organizers to develop the presentation topic(s) in line with the meeting theme and anticipated attendees as requested by Plenary Designer.

    • Inviting speakers to present in plenary sessions as requested by the Plenary Designer.

  • Research as Art Coordinator


    Facilitate the annual Research as Art or similar event at the summer meeting


    • Working with volunteers to get the call for entries, and other communication out to ESIP community members

    • Writing descriptions and links to help stimulate artistic production instead of poster production

    • Working with meeting staff to select location

    • Working with meeting staff to describe all necessary location needs, including food and drink

    • Working with meeting staff to get easels, foam core boards, and monitors to location

    • Coordinating set-up and tear-down for event

    • Coordinating communication capabilities during the event

    • Photographing at the event

    • Working with the Agenda Designer to determine the overall goals and format of the Research as Art - type event for each meeting.

  • Swag and Supplies Wrangler


    Manages all swag and supplies needed for the meeting


    • Working with Meetings Committee to get member input into swag decision

    • Identifying swag suppliers and ordering swag

    • Maintaining inventory of office and meeting support supplies for meetings

    • Purchasing supplies, restocking inventory as necessary

    • Coordinating shipping of swag and supplies to and from meetings and conferences

  • Venue Investigator


    Proper selection of a venue for ESIP meetings and events is critical to success. This role researches possibilities and advises as to their appropriateness.


    • Researching and recommending venues that qualify as potential meeting sites, based on past experience, knowledge of current needs, and knowledge of what works and what doesn't

    • Identifying venue for Ignite@AGU with AGU Ignite Wrangler

    • Contracting venue space

    • Identifying local host interested in having ESIP near them

    • Working with the meetings committee on venue rotation

    • Reviewing survey data for meeting venue specific issues and for suggestions on where to go next

    • Identifying venues for special events colocated with meeting