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  • In writing your bio for the TrilliumAwakening.org site, please be mindful to present yourself as a mentor rather than a teacher. Please clearly differentiate any professional skills you hold -- for example as a therapist, shaman, bodyworker, or coach -- from your work as a mentor. You might be reminded to align your text with these guidelines before it is posted.

  • Marco is currently working on integrating John and Gena's Virtual Sittings plan as well as integrating an audio podcast feature. He's given me some suggestions on integrating monthly blogs to the site, and we're in conversation about how to best use that feature to bring folks to the Website.

  • I have received an estimate from Marco Morelli for making some of the changes we requested, roughly $550 to provide access to audio via a podcast format and archiving videos by adding new categories to the teacher page posts. My inclination is not to locate audio/video on teacher pages, but to have them on a separate page under the Resources tab.

    More exciting is the conversation I had with Zoe Snyder, whom I have recruited as Website Energizer, who has many wonderful ideas for streamlining the Website to be more congruent with our marketing needs--more interactive and with less duplication. She and I are in agreement that the current WordPress format and theme create more boundaries than are necessary for editing (for instance, I cannot remove Tatini's gazing video because it is embedded in a form of code that I don't know). There are also duplications of information in the page navigation tabs that need to be removed.

    Zoe is going to help me with modifications to the page in the short term and is also going to develop a a new page in a draft format that features some of the things we discussed during the retreat.
    An active landing page that gives visitors something to do or take away rather than reading text,
    Sign up for our mailing list and get a free 30 minute session with a teacher
    Active “next steps” to awakening
    Replacing static teacher images with gazing videos
    All teacher videos hosted on YouTube should be co-hosted or shared to the TA.org site.
    Currently, teachers with their own YouTube channels are sending folks away from our site rather
    than toward it.
    Zoe has agreed to volunteer her services for small tasks. I feel that the time may be right to consider revamping the site with a new vision and new blood. Once she has a draft site developed, I will share it with the OC.

  • In addition to removing teacher profile pages, a search needs to be made of the entire site to remove all references to those removed teachers from the site.

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