Project Lead and Communication that leads to a happy customer

  • Working towards customer expectations as captured in the project description and communicated in the Closer briefing, as well as directly communicated by the client.

  • Leading commissioned projects by nightnurse standards according to the crafting images process (CIP) as described by Process Design

  • Communicating externally with the client and internally with the project team (usually including Closer, Visualizer, Creative Director) and being in active and constant exchange.

  • Receiving and verifying client feedbacks and discuss them with Visualizer and Creative Director

  • Keeping track with project budget and communicating budget issues with Closer and Visualizer

  • Distributing tasks inside the team (when more than one Visualizer is involved)

  • Checking client data and sending projects to 3D Modeller (Buenos Aires)

  • Setting up the final folder with all necessary files and archiving projects

  • Organizing site photos in a timely manner


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