Visual Aid for good architecture

  • Finance Support


    Timely and correct in- and outflow of invoices


    • Processing inbound supplier invoices (scanning and/or sending invoices to external bookkeeper)

    • Invoicing clients, correcting client invoices in case of address corrections, and tracking the payments

    • Preparing expense accounts, having them checked by Bookkeeper and sending them to external bookkeeper

    • Writing dunning letters for overdue invoices (>60 days)

  • Inbound Communications


    Maximum availability for customer communication


    • Reading and processing the general Nightnurse Images inbox (beeper@nightnurse.ch), answering requests to confirm receipt and relaying to appropriate role

    • Answering the main office phone and making sure the main number is attended to during business hours

    • Arranging answerphone outside of business hours on special occasions

    • Emptying letterbox on a daily basis

    • Arranging deputy if unavailable

  • Office Manager


    Well organized office


    • Collecting our finished products in the 'Complete Works' folder

    • Updating address directory

    • Managing the cash to Office Manager

    • Archiving physical documents

    • Archiving finished projects in basecamp

  • People Supporter

    for Role Support


    Backbone of Nightnurse Human Resources


    • Preparing the appraisal talks

    • On-boarding and off-boarding of Nurses (including the setup of their IT accounts and phone)

    • Archiving pay stubs and ensuring that pay stubs are sent

    • Maintaining configuration of Vertec

    • Checking time-sheets

    • Reporting illness (if longer than 30 days) and accident cases to our insurance and informing Bookkeeper in case of refunds from the insurance

    • Supporting the recruiting process

    • Announcing and coordinating farewells

    • Confirming and processing holiday requests from staff

    • Maintaining and updating the office regulations page in Notion if approved by People Manager

    • Answering legal questions related to Human Resources

    • Organizing gifts for partners

    • Welcoming new hires on day one, giving them a office tour and introducing Mentor

  • Travel Booker


    Central organized travels


    • Organizing travels for partners and customers for business purpose