Inspiring architectural visuals

  • Finance Support


    Timely and correct in- and outflow of invoices


    • Processing inbound supplier invoices (scanning and/or sending invoices to external bookkeeper)

    • Invoicing clients, correcting client invoices in case of address corrections, and tracking the payments

    • Preparing expense accounts, having them checked by Bookkeeper and sending them to external bookkeeper

    • Writing dunning letters for overdue invoices (>60 days)

  • In- and Outbound Communications


    Inbound and outbound customer communication handled


    • Reading and processing the general Nightnurse Images inbox (beeper@nightnurse.ch), answering requests to confirm receipt and relaying to appropriate role

    • Answering the main office phone and making sure the main number is attended to during business hours

    • Arranging answerphone outside of business hours on special occasions

    • Emptying letterbox on a daily basis

    • Arranging deputy if unavailable

    • Sending out mail


High-quality Visuals through Excellent Service

  • Interior Design


    Kick-ass Interior Images


    • Designing and Layouting Interiors for Image Concepts

    • Consulting on Interior Images

  • Visualizer

    for Role Support


    Kick-ass images!


    • Crafting images according to processes as described by Process Design

    • Helping other Visualizer in need

    • Wrapping up projects as defined by Process Design

    • Capturing and processing learnings after the project is done

    • Processing good content into the drop zone of the library

    • Correcting and saving any faulty items you come across in the 3D library

    • Documenting and presenting workshops on request

    • Capturing internal feedback on self-satisfaction, 3D model and photography after a finished project

    • Creating "X-Ray" content on request by The Workshop Dude

    • Following the Quality Standard guidelines and requirements, documented on notion, during the crafting image process