General Company Circle

Support Ops

Marketing Visualisation


Inspiring architectural visuals

  • In- and Outbound Communications


    Inbound and outbound customer communication handled


    • Reading and processing the general Nightnurse Images inbox (, answering requests to confirm receipt and relaying to appropriate role

    • Answering the main office phone and making sure the main number is attended to during business hours

    • Arranging answerphone outside of business hours on special occasions

    • Emptying letterbox on a daily basis

    • Arranging deputy if unavailable

    • Sending out mail

    • Configuring the main office phone line


High-quality tools and efficient processes to support production

  • Librarian


    large amount of high quality assets


    • Processing library items according to the quality standards and priorities as defined by Library Coordinator

    • Adding new items to the library from the "not done" folder as well as from the "original files" folder

    • Removing items that are of poor quality or not useable


Perfect Visualisation Solutions for Real-Estate Marketing Customers, created through a profound understanding of their Needs and Expectations.

  • Interior Design


    Outstanding Design Concepts for Interior Images


    • Designing and Layouting Interiors for Image Concepts

    • Consulting on Interior Images

    • Supporting Visualizers by furnishing Interiors

    • Creating Sets for all software

    • Ensuring the suggested items in Design/Image Concept are available for Visualizers