Inspiring architectural visuals

  • In- and Outbound Communications

    for Role Support


    Inbound and outbound customer communication handled


    • Reading and processing the general Nightnurse Images inbox (beeper@nightnurse.ch), answering requests to confirm receipt and relaying to appropriate role

    • Answering the main office phone and making sure the main number is attended to during business hours

    • Arranging answerphone outside of business hours on special occasions

    • Emptying letterbox on a daily basis

    • Arranging deputy if unavailable

    • Sending out mail

  • Vacation Planner


    Well rested and always enough Nurses around


    • Confirming and processing holiday requests from all Nurses in exchange with Project Coordination

    • Confirming and processing absences


High-quality Visuals through Excellent Service

  • Project Coordinator


    Ideal Project Assignments


    • Coordinating and assigning clients projects to the best fitting Project Lead, Creative Director and Visualizer, according to the crafting images process (CIP) as described by Process Design

    • Balancing workload by monitoring the capacity, capability, overall well-being and coordinating support if needed

    • Holding Meetings with all needed role fillers when necessary to coordinate the workload

    • Defining 3D modelling priorities for client projects in case of overlapping and unfeasible deadlines

  • Project Lead

    for Backup


    Project Lead and Communication that leads to a happy customer


    • Working towards customer expectations as captured in the project description and communicated in the Closer briefing, as well as directly communicated by the client.

    • Leading commissioned projects by nightnurse standards according to the crafting images process (CIP) as described by Process Design

    • Communicating externally with the client and internally with the project team (usually including Closer, Visualizer, Creative Director) and being in active and constant exchange.

    • Receiving and verifying client feedbacks and discuss them with Visualizer and Creative Director

    • Keeping track with project budget and communicating budget issues with Closer and Visualizer, informing the client if out-of-scope requests lead to additional costs before doing them

    • Distributing tasks inside the team (when more than one Visualizer is involved)

    • Checking client data and sending projects to 3D Modeller (Buenos Aires)

    • Setting up the final folder with all necessary files and archiving projects

    • Organizing site photos in a timely manner

    • Capturing internal feedback on client collaboration and complaints after a finished project

    • Checking invoices to ensure that they match the services delivered


More new and returning business

  • Closer


    Best Deals possible with a thriving Client Base


    • Improving the customer experience continuously

    • Handling all client requests

    • Accompanying clients through deals from a-z (setting prices, sending out and adapting proposals, checking invoices)

    • Passing on all information of closed deals to project related roles and platforms

    • Collecting client data

    • Establishing and maintaining a healthy relationship with our Client Base

    • Selling our products

    • opening and inviting to BaseCamps

  • Sales Force


    All leads nurtured and turned into customers


    • Creating a first direct contact with potential clients and reaching out to high-potential leads to personally present our products and services.

    • Engaging with potential new customers to find out exactly what they want.

    • Showing potential customers how we could meet or exceed their expectations.

    • Handing off new customers to Closer for the contract once they have decided to place an order.

    • Building relationships from opportunities

    • Engaging with contact base by sharing news and information