Inspiring architectural visuals

  • Internal Events


    Events to promote a happy and motivated team


    • Organizing and scheduling team events

    • Clarifiying with the Project Coordinator about the workload of the team for optimal event dates

    • Informing the team in advance about the team events

    • Organizing annual participation at the soccer tournament

  • Internal Services


    A clean and well organized Office


    • Ordering and checking stock of office and kitchen supplies, drinks and snacks

    • Organizing cakes and specials for special occasions

    • Reminding the team to keep the office clean and safe (and motivating the team to do so)

    • Checking and updating the office duties list

    • Communicating with external cleaning firms and finding volunteers from the team if extra cleaning work is needed on short notice

    • Stewarding our soccer team equipment

  • Office Manager


    Well organized office


    • Collecting our finished products in the 'Complete Works' folder

    • Updating address directory

    • Managing the cash to Office Manager

    • Archiving physical documents


More new and returning business

  • Content Creation

    for German Content


    Great stories told to the world about our work and us


    • Creating content for outreach

  • Media Relations


    Big buzz for nightnurse images in the media


    • Being point of contact for all press inquiries

    • Writing special articles and newsletters for press releases

    • Forwarding press related and other materials to media channels

    • Building an active relationship with providers of offline and online media

  • Outreach Content Publisher

    for German language


    The best representation online


    • Feeding and maintaining our social media channels

    • Interacting with the audience on our social media channels

    • Feeding the portfolio section on our website

    • Exchanging or removing portfolio related content on our website

  • Outreach Image Tracker


    Correct publication of our images


    • Tracking publishability of our images and updating the status in Vertec

    • Tracking copyrights of published images and reminding the publishers to add copyrights in advance or afterwards if missing

    • Providing the Outreach Content Publisher with a monthly folder of publishable images