High-quality Visuals through Excellent Service

  • 360 Tourguide


    Beautiful interfaces for 360 tours


    • Creating and maintaining 360 interface templates

    • Communicating the possibilities of interfaces on request

    • Implementing fully functional 360 interfaces

  • Fleet Commander


    Great drone photos for our images


    • Drones


    • Taking care of all drone related questions and requests

    • Checking whether the drone insurance is up to date

    • Maintaining drone

  • Innovator


    Knowledge about new tools and possibilities


    • Thinking of new solutions for certain problems

  • Landscapist


    Vegetation depicted accurately and true to client inputs


    • Consulting on landscaping upon request of other roles

  • Mentor


    Best education and integration of newcomers


    • Guiding and mentoring newcomers individually through the training plan defined by Training Design

    • Helping newcomers as primary point of contact

    • Welcoming and introducing newcomers to Nightnurse

    • Creating modules and maintaining documentation on Notion

    • Attending interview meetings for potential new visualizers on request by General Company Circle

  • Process Design

    for VR Production, Image Production


    One workflow for all


    • Creating and maintaining process(es) which accommodate all production (image crafting, film production, vr production) and documenting them on Notion

    • Informing about updates in the process/documentation

  • Project Lead


    Project Lead and Communication that leads to a happy customer


    • Working towards customer expectations as captured in the project description and communicated in the Closer briefing, as well as directly communicated by the client.

    • Leading commissioned projects by nightnurse standards according to the crafting images process (CIP) as described by Process Design

    • Communicating externally with the client and internally with the project team (usually including Closer, Visualizer, Creative Director) and being in active and constant exchange.

    • Receiving and verifying client feedbacks and discuss them with Visualizer and Creative Director

    • Keeping track with project budget and communicating budget issues with Closer and Visualizer, informing the client if out-of-scope requests lead to additional costs before doing them

    • Distributing tasks inside the team (when more than one Visualizer is involved)

    • Checking client data and sending projects to 3D Modeller (Buenos Aires)

    • Setting up the final folder with all necessary files and archiving projects

    • Organizing site photos in a timely manner

    • Capturing internal feedback on client collaboration and complaints after a finished project

    • Checking invoices to ensure that they match the services delivered

  • Site Photographer


    Great site photos for our images


    • Creating great site photos (with camera or drone) for client projects according to the crafting images process (CIP) as described by Process Design

    • Training new drone pilots

    • Checking legalities of flight areas and accessibility of site

  • VR-chitect


    Immersive visual experiences


    • Creating stunning VR contents

  • Visualizer


    Kick-ass images!


    • Crafting images according to processes as described by Process Design

    • Helping other Visualizer in need

    • Wrapping up projects as defined by Process Design

    • Capturing and processing learnings after the project is done

    • Processing good content into the drop zone of the library

    • Correcting and saving any faulty items you come across in the 3D library

    • Documenting and presenting workshops on request

    • Capturing internal feedback on self-satisfaction, 3D model and photography after a finished project